On hiatus!

This is the year I turn 30.  This is the year I take a break, recharge my batteries, refine my archive, and come back with renewed passion and drive.  I’ve sold all most of my equipment and will be focusing on other projects, expanding my horizons, and letting myself disengage for a bit.

Heroes in Silhouette

This image, “Heroes in Silhouette”, was taken in 2006 during the Shekell Fire which burned almost 14,000 acres near Fillmore and Moorpark, California. It is also one of the first images I made that really spoke to something other than the subject — the anonymity of heroism in modern emergency services

A Bad Deal, or How AutoNation Almost Screwed Me

No one is innocent in this story, but I barely escaped being taken for over $6,000 on a car “deal” with Mercedes Benz of Oxnard in California, an AutoNation dealership. I thought I was being a smart consumer, I thought I had done my homework, but in the end I was treated like a sentient pig at a slaughterhouse.