Feb 19 2006 - Jenny on Tractor


Between Fillmore and Moorpark lies Highway 23, also known as Grimes Canyon.  It is a fairly common occurrence for unwitting drivers to find themselves at the bottom of a 100′ cliff if they aren’t careful enough.

Apparently the problem reached critical mass in 2006 and CalTrans (assuming here, not sure if it was them or not) decided to make the two lane pass wider and safer.  Thus they began the teardown of the top of the hill, bringing construction equipment, workers, and interminable traffic delays.

Towards the end of the project they began leaving huge construction vehicles there overnight, ripe for photographic exploitation.  I recruited my always-initially-reluctant-but-eventually-agreeable friend Jenny to come with me and be my model.

When we arrived at close to midnight there was a gigantic tractor-of-sorts sitting just off the road and we went to work.  Since I didn’t have any lights I used a cell phone camera flash to light the scene over the course of 20 seconds or so.  Jenny was a champ and managed to stay rock still for the duration and we came up with a unique portrait that always generates the double take from those who have never seen it before.  I love that look.

Feb 19 2006 - Jenny on Tractor

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