Mar 10 2006 - Reagan Sunset

Sunset at the Reagan

For a few years I had a job at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and while I was a simple gift shop cashier whenever I had a chance I would grab my camera and walk around the campus.  The Reagan’s chose an absolutely ideal location for the Library: the back door opens up to a stunning view of the Ventura/Oxnard valley that runs for nearly 50 miles and ends with the glistening Pacific ocean.

Every day just before closing the sun would sink into the water and produce the most stunning colors I have ever seen.  After a while these landscapes became commonplace and almost boring (gasp!).

There were days, however, just after the rare occurrence of rain had broken, that the scene grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  This image below does not come close to the awe-inspiring nature of the moment, but with seconds to do so I did my best!

Mar 10 2006 - Reagan Sunset

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