Mar 14 2007 - Streaks

Island & Streaks

Dense fog is a rarity in Southern California.  When it comes a photographer needs to explore the possibilities no matter what.

I was driving home at 2 AM after shooting another excellent show in LA by my friends Fight From Above when suddenly this bank of fog engulfed my car.  Hardly able to see I crawled the last 10 miles to my house barely able to contain my excitement!

When I pulled into my driveway I left the engine running as I ran into the house, grabbed a battery and a memory card.  I knew this was an excellent opportunity to photograph some really unique images in Fillmore; the streets would be empty, illuminated only by the light filtering through this gift of weather.

I wandered around the town so slowly a passerby (if there were any up at that time) would think my car was broken.  My eyes scanned every nook and cranny for light and shadows.  As I rolled to a stop adjacent to the high school I glanced to my right and knew I’d found my image.  The scattered street lights beaming down in clearly defined cones with a little touch of color in the background.

Loneliness incarnate.

Giclée prints available from inPRNT.  Fine art prints available direct.

Mar 14 2007 - Island

I thought my photographic fortune that night had ended.  Not content with assumptions, however, I wandered the desolate cityscape into areas of Fillmore I wasn’t aware existed.  A new development had recently been completed, along with new trees and running paths.

The drive down this new road was uneventful at first.  A couple of scenes appeared but neither really captured what I was looking for.  Unsatisfied with what I had found I began to leave.  Then I looked in my mirror and found the perfect specimen.

Giclée prints available from inPRNT.  Canvas wraps available directly.

Mar 14 2007 - Streaks

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