Jul 4 2007 - Synapse


Every year there is one particular day that I look forward to: July Fourth.  I wish I had a different reason than everybody else to love that day, but like the rest of America, it’s the fireworks.

Photographing fireworks is a tricky prospect.  There are so may potential angles and methods of making the image that it is often difficult to decide on just one.  If you try to get them all more often than not you will end up missing everything.

Fillmore is the only town in Ventura County in which fireworks are legal.  The townspeople go a little overboard and for one night the city is a seething, concussive fireball.  I decided that I wanted to capture a firework by itself, without any other distracting smoke, motion trails, or other fireworks to contend with.  I have been intrigued by the construction of a firework and all the intricacies that go into a good satisfying explosion in the sky.

My favorite kinds of fireworks are the multi-stage mortars.  Instead of one big bang and a uniform band of sparks, I get into the secondary explosions that spew off their own, even smaller fireworks that creates its own little story during those few precious seconds.

Available from inPRNT and as a fine art print.

Jul 4 2007 - Synapse

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