Aug 17 2007 Mantis


It was a night like any other.  I got home, made dinner, and had a glass of wine.  When I returned to the kitchen I gathered the trash, opened the door, and turned around to face the trash cans; that’s when I saw him.

A praying mantis. An albino praying mantis.

He was standing there staring at me; sizing me up.  Immediately I dropped the trash and grabbed my camera.  When I came back out he hadn’t moved an inch and I started to go to work.  The result is a image of conflict; is it the natural world extending its reach to its former territory, the encroachment of civilization upon that natural world, or simply a praying mantis out for a meal caught where it shouldn’t be?

Needless to say he flew away shortly after.  I never saw him return.

Aug 17 2007 Mantis

(Canon 5D)

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