The Berlin Wall

During my time at the Reagan Library I bore witness to some truly amazing things.  I met politicians, celebrities, and some of the most interesting people from across the globe.  Among the litany of artifacts, displays, and points of interest throughout the museum is the section of the Berlin Wall that stands facing the Library on the west lawn.

Erected during one of the most turbulent times in modern world history, the Berlin Wall stood a definable and poignant point of contention between the iron curtain and the west.  The place it holds at the Reagan Library is well deserved as President Reagan was instrumental in its destruction.  The colors of the paint on the western edge of the wall serve as a constant and stark reminder of where we are as a world, and more important of where we have been.

During October 2007, Southern California was ravaged by wildfire.  Approximately 700 square miles of land was scorched, launching so much smoke into the air that the San Diego city attorney urged for a voluntary evacuation of the city.  A side effect of this destruction, however, was the absolute beauty of the smoke-filtered sun.

The scene set for the region every night was that of catastrophe.  The intense orange of the smoke played against the blue sky like angels and demons in battle over the skies.  I could think of no better analogy that was more apt for the Berlin Wall.  Using the now-common HDR technique, I captured the sun in its waning moments casting a brilliant air of conflict that clashed perfectly with the butterfly painted on the portion of the wall during those most troubling years.

I showed the final image to the Library and was extremely pleased when they asked to sell the image as a postcard in the museum store.  This image is especially complimented by metallic paper, which sprinkles its magic on the entire color spectrum and elevates the image to an entirely unique level.

Available in limited edition prints by inquiry only.

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