Hello, PhotoShelter!

Oh boy I am super excited to write this post!

I first heard of PhotoShelter through a tweet by prolific photographer and blogger Scott Bourne (check out Scott’s GoingPro2010.com!).  It was a link to their blog and a free PDF book they produced that gave photographers a guide to social media and how to use it effectively to increase online visibility.

I had never heard of a company that gave such useful information to the public, not just their own members (which in itself is a cunning marketing move).  At the time I was a solid Zenfolio user due to their integration with Mpix (a printer for whom I still have great affinity) and their very reasonable priced print-fulfillment services.  While more expensive than Zenfolio, PhotoShelter impressed me with their openness and dedication to their customers.  I just couldn’t justify the expense at the time but I became a regular visitor to their blog.

The first photographer I saw that really struck me with his proper integration of PhotoShelter to his blog was Todd Owyoung.  We both utilize Graph Paper Press to turn WordPress into a fully functional (and expandable) platform for our imagery, but he takes his site to an entirely distinct level.  Todd posts his fantastical live music images to his blog and links them directly to his PhotoShelter account to give his visitors an easy way to purchase and license his images.  He also has very well written reviews of camera gear and lessons on lighting and processing (which I strongly recommend everyone read).

Earlier this week I decided to take the plunge and give PhotoShelter a shot.  Although I have only a smattering of images posted, PhotoShelter makes the entire process a cakewalk and gives photographers granular control over print, product, and licensing rates.  Not only does this make the business side of photography easier, but it streamlines the purchasing process for both commercial and personal customers.

I’ll be rolling out more content with PhotoShelter in the coming weeks.  Until then, however, I would entirely appreciate using the following links to check out these services.  If you decide they are right for you using these links will also help support my efforts here at Studio386!

Thank you for being so awesome, PhotoShelter!

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