Farmers Market Breakfast

Farmer’s Market Breakfast

I am a very bad Californian. Well, more specifically, a very bad Southern Californian given that I hail from a very agricultural part of the region (Fillmore, to be exact). Even though I could see the oranges on the trees from the parking lot, even though I drove by fruit stands on a daily basis, even though my friends lived on farms, I shopped for produce at Vons.  I had little idea of what I was missing.

In December I moved to Valencia, CA (even with their ridiculous advertising campaign) and did my shopping at Trader Joe’s (and occasionally at Whole Foods when I felt like paying $36 for six pieces of chicken breast [this really happened]).  I thought I had found a good balance in my life.

Then this morning happened.  I actually got up early enough and braved the 40 degree winds (Dear Friends on the East Coast: shush) to go to the Farmer’s Market that happens literally around the corner.

At the Market I found the promised land.  Blood Oranges I had been buying for nearly $4 per pound were, at most, $1.50 and the most beautiful red strawberries I’d seen in ages were even cheaper.  There was a hummus tent with delicious flavors (which admittedly were more expensive than Trader Joe’s), yet I still went with the ‘ol standbys Garlic and Cilantro/Jalapeño.  The eggs were more expensive than at the grocery store as well, but they are (so far) worth it in terms of taste.  Knowing the origin of my food (or at least talking with those who grew, raised, or made it) has a kind of satisfaction that really isn’t known to only the hippies.

When I got home I whipped out my haul and had an idea for breakfast: fresh pita bread with hummus, avocado, eggs, scallions, and spices.  After a few minutes of prep work (and a moment or two to start my tea kettle for some Chai) and a bit of peperjack cheese, the five minute meal came together and gave me a surprising amount of food — which was both delicious and cheap!

Do yourself a favor: find your local farmer’s market, and give it a shot!

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