Wedding at Clos LaChance Winery

Spring Updates!

Goodness!  Haven’t posted anything new to the site since March!  Thankfully that isn’t due to a lack of content as much as it is a lack of time.  Here’s a quick recap (and sneak peak) of recent and upcoming events!

On April 9th Fight From Above‘s video release party for Tilting at Windmills kicked off in an archetypal warehouse show.  I have known these guys for about four years now and they never fail to throw a good show. Never, however, have I listened to one of their songs as much as I have Tilting At Windmills. It is incredibly catchy and will surely be on radios across the country in no time.

On April 23rd I found myself with my friend and fellow photographer Khris Griffis photographing a San Martin wedding held at Clos LaChance Winery.  Not only was the venue picture-perfect but the couple, Duy and Yui Le, were just lovely.  Rarely have I had as much fun at, or felt as much of a part of, a wedding.  They truly are surrounded by wonderful people and have an incredible life ahead of them!

During the drive back to Southern California, Khris and I stopped at the San Luis Reservoir to hike up a hill to make some images.  It was the absolute best place for a panoramic image so I started to shoot — now I have a 20×80 panoramic image that I am slowly-but-surely perfecting.  Once it’s ready I’ll be submitting it for purchase in four 20×20 canvas squares!

After a quick journey to Stanford, Apple, and Google, I bought my first pair of Vibram FiveFinger shoes!  These are awesome little things that attempt to mimic the feeling of barefoot running/walking (and do an unfortunately good job!).  During our jaunt off the Reservoir hill, Khris and I stopped to make a little faux print-ad for the shoes: I was the ‘model’ and he the photographer.  I’m really pleased with the results!

Finally, May 9th through the 23rd will see my first across-the-Atlantic voyage in a very long time.  Ever since I was 14 and landed back in LAX from Heathrow I’ve wanted to go back to Europe.  While this one is going to be a vacation trip with my mother, I don’t want to think of how many images there will be to sift through upon our return.  You can bet quite a few of them will find their way here!

As always, more to come!

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