Christopher Cuttriss in Budapest


Christopher Cuttriss in BudapestThe Short Version

Hello! I’m Christopher. Here’s a bit of what makes me me.

I love stories. Whether I’m telling them or listening to them, if you’ve got a story you’ve got my attention.  I live in a small town called Fillmore, which is in Ventura County, which is just outside of LA county in California.  The town is surrounded by agriculture, so much so that Sunkist was started just down the street from my house.  Wherever you go there are remnants of Sunkist, like little vignettes from the past.

I love films. I went to film school with this big idea that surely I was going to be the next Steven Spielberg, or Giuseppe Tornatore.  What I found during those four years, however, was a love of the little things.  Maybe someday, in a whirl of brilliance, I’ll write the big story that makes me famous.  Until then, it’s the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of everyday life that really grab me.

I love making friends. When I was young I had a pronounced stutter.  It was so bad that I couldn’t even talk on the phone.  To this day I am overly self-conscious of what little is left and it makes me much more shy than I want to be.  That quirk has had a positive effect, however, in that I love talking to people and making connections that last a lifetime.

Every photographer has their own motivation for their art. Mine is finding and celebrating the moments in life that bring us together.

The Ken Burns 10-Disc PBS Version

The product of one of the few small towns left in California, Christopher enjoyed a childhood ironically filled with travel. At just two months old his mother, an unapologetic jet setter, introduced him to Europe for the first time. His father, a designer and professor born in England, opened his eyes to the intricacies of the apparent mundane. The reserved world of the English Cotswold’s clashed with the spirit of the vagabond and pushed Christopher to develop a style that is intensely expressive, emotional, yet accessible.

Christopher was exposed to photography at a young age through his sister Kate, an established photographer in Chico, California.  Around the same time he was introduced to computers by way of an Apple IIe. This seemingly innocuous pairing would eventually mark a significant point in the development of his talents as he grew up side-by-side with the emergence and eventual dominance of Digital imagery.  During his High School years photography was a light hobby, film was expensive so he used his father’s then “cutting edge” 3 mega pixel Sony digital camera.  In his first year of college he took a black and white photography course under the tutelage of Bill Hendricks.  It was there his passion would evolve; learning to love the smells of the dark room, developing a reverence for proper film photography, and beginning his dedication to the artform.

After earning his degree at University, Christopher accepted a position at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.  His work can be seen in traditional media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, online media at FlavorPill and THE Magazine, and in retail outlets across the country in The Section Quartet‘s album “Fuzzbox” through the Universal Music Group.

You can see Christopher’s work at inPRNT and order limited edition prints at the Studio386 Store.

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