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On hiatus!

This is the year I turn 30.  This is the year I take a break, recharge my batteries, refine my archive, and come back with renewed passion and drive.  I’ve sold all most of my equipment and will be focusing on other projects, expanding my horizons, and letting myself disengageRead More

Steven and Casandra

Photographers: Chris Cuttriss, Khris Griffis Location: Wedgewood at Buenaventura Golf Course, Ventura, CA (map)

Lightning in the clouds behind Bakersfield, California

Mt Pinos and Bakersfield, California

Over the years the words “Mt. Pinos” have come up on an almost regular basis, whether it was referenced as a place to play in the snow during the winter or as one of the best vantage points for star gazing in Southern California.

Real Wedding: Joe and Blanca

Joe and Blanca’s destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas! Location: Hotel Riu Palace, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Heroes in Silhouette

Heroes in Silhouette

This image, “Heroes in Silhouette”, was taken in 2006 during the Shekell Fire which burned almost 14,000 acres near Fillmore and Moorpark, California. It is also one of the first images I made that really spoke to something other than the subject — the anonymity of heroism in modern emergency services

Portrait of Eusebio

Portrait: Eusebio

Eusabio, as taken in the backyard of a friends’ “holy crap you’re moving to China” party.

A Bad Deal, or How AutoNation Almost Screwed Me

No one is innocent in this story, but I barely escaped being taken for over $6,000 on a car “deal” with Mercedes Benz of Oxnard in California, an AutoNation dealership. I thought I was being a smart consumer, I thought I had done my homework, but in the end I was treated like a sentient pig at a slaughterhouse.

Athletes: Ivan

I met Ivan at his car, just as he was hanging up the phone, “I’ve never felt so out of shape” was my instinctual opener. “Don’t even worry about that… this isn’t healthy. Nobody does this to be healthy.”

Pam & Jose

Camera: Canon1D Mark IV, Nikon D700, Nikon D7000 Lens: Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II, Nikon 14-24 2.8G, Nikon 35 1.4, Nikon 70-200 2.8G II Location: Camp Comfort, Ojai, CA (map) Photographers: Chris Cuttriss, Khris Griffis

Print: After A Brief Rain

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III Lens: Canon 35mm 1.4L Location: Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA (map) Print Availability: inPRNT

Llano Seco Wildlife Refuge

The Llano Seco Wildlife Refuge is an area near Chico, California (map) that winter fowl use as a migratory checkpoint during their annual trek through California.  According to the locals I spoke with as many as 100,000 waterfowl can be in this area within the November and February months!  ThisRead More

Jeff, Stephanie, and Aubree: First Steps

How old were you when you took your first steps?  Were your parents totally taken by surprise when you hopped up and decided it was time?  Was there a photographer on hand ready to capture that totally unexpected but incredibly fantastic moment?  Aubree, the 10-month old daughter of Jeff andRead More

How BlackRapids Saved Me $2000.

How A BlackRapid R-Strap Saved My $2500 Lens

Enter, the BlackRapid R7 camera strap. My R7 has saved my back after countless 10 hour weddings and weekend-long music festivals — I swear by it.

Why We Love

Company: BorrowLenses Pursuing a career as a photographer is not a decision made lightly by those who have any semblance of economic sense.  Retail prices on professional quality lenses can be anywhere between $700 to over $10,000 (for really specialized glass) and non-manufacturer sponsored sales or coupons are extremely rare.Read More

Jonathan & Odette

Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV Lenses: 70-200 2.8L IS II, 24-70 2.8L Location: Historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa (Riverside, CA)

Cormac and Rachel Get Hitched

I met Cormac Foster a while ago, going on six years now, through a mutual friend.  Although we lived just a handful of miles away from each other we only ever met in 2010, when he asked me to photograph his (awesome) engagement. Fast forward slightly more than a yearRead More

Joe and Blanca's Wedding in Cabo San Lucas, 2011

Joey and Blanca

When two amazing people you have known for years tell you they have decided to marry there is an instant rush of happiness and high fives.  When those same two people ask you to come to the wedding a smile instantly appears on your face.  When they ask you toRead More

iOS and Android for Photographers

The biggest problem with the iPhone is also its biggest strength: there’s only four kinds of iPhones… period. While this may be frustrating to the hardened nerds out there who have quarterly gadget lust, the limited options for iPhone’s are a blessing for developers and users (on the whole) as it tends to provide for a much more stable operating environment and user experience.

San Luis Reservoir Panorama

San Luis Reservoir

You might remember my Spring Updates post a few weeks ago where I mentioned a wedding I shot with Khris Griffis in San Martin, California.  On the way back to Los Angeles Khris and I stopped by the San Luis Reservoir and did an impromptu product shoot with my newRead More

The Treasure of the Baltics

In an effort to make this post much more readable I’ve moved all the previous images to Flickr.  Click here to see the gallery! Note: It just dawned on me that I didn’t visit the Baltics.  I visited the Balkans. Truly, I am an American. Shame on me. Forward: OnRead More

Wedding at Clos LaChance Winery

Spring Updates!

Goodness!  Haven’t posted anything new to the site since March!  Thankfully that isn’t due to a lack of content as much as it is a lack of time.  Here’s a quick recap (and sneak peak) of recent and upcoming events! On April 9th Fight From Above‘s video release party for TiltingRead More

A Better Homescreen

We love personalization.  Making regular, everyday things special through our own lens.  In the past decade our phones have transformed from a load of identical drab grey boxes into portals into what makes you you.  Although it may sound trite, whenever I see a friend, family member, or client withRead More

Mercury Vapor Lights and Color Shifting

One of my oldest friends Matt has been playing softball for a season or two and this year I have finally had the time to come out and shoot his games. I really didn’t know what to expect with adult softball at first (I have to admit it seemed aRead More

Farmers Market Breakfast

Farmer’s Market Breakfast

I am a very bad Californian. Well, more specifically, a very bad Southern Californian given that I hail from a very agricultural part of the region (Fillmore, to be exact). Even though I could see the oranges on the trees from the parking lot, even though I drove by fruit stands onRead More

A Cup of Ice Melting on a Sunday Afternoon

A Cup Of Ice On A Sunday Afternoon

This short timelapse is an entry is Gizmodo‘s first ever video challenge. The rules are simple: no more than 45 seconds, it needs to be a timelapse, and it had to be produced during the challenge window. I took an idea to counter the sense of community that Starbucks aimsRead More

Droplet of Water on a Fake Wood Deck

Droplet of Water on a Fake Wood Deck

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I hope those few days from Christmas to the Rose Bowl were as lovely for you as they were me! We went up to my relatives house in Gardenerville, Nevada once again (a location that is apparently unrelentingly photograph-able).  After a quick rain and snow flurryRead More

Meadows of Moorpark Oct 18th Derby

Meadows of Moorpark

The images from the October 17th derby at The Meadows of Moorpark have been posted!  An overcast day led to a thankfully cool few hours as the riders put their steeds to the test.  As always prints and digital downloads are available for purchase (although it does require a PaypalRead More

2010 West Beach Music & Arts Festival - Rebelution

2010 West Beach Music Festival

This past weekend, Twiin Productions held the 2010 West Beach Music & Arts Festival in wonderful Santa Barbara.  A series of fantastic musicians performed, including Rebelution, Still Time, and Hawaiian singer Anuhea.  Come see the pictures at our Facebook Page!  Personal Use and Rights-Managed licensing is available here!

Meadows of Moorpark - September 19 2010

Meadows of Moorpark

Images from the September 19th Meadows of Moorpark Combined Test Derby have been posted!  This derby was extremely energetic from all 50 riders who participated. Head over to the gallery to buy your prints!

Portrait - Kaihla Dailey


There is a portrait to be made for every occasion. From the traditional engagement announcement, the not-so-traditional actual engagement, the little one’s first birthday, senior pictures; the list simply goes on and on. With so many portrait opportunities every year it’s critical to keep each one fresh and imaginative.  OurRead More

Hello, PhotoShelter!

Oh boy I am super excited to write this post! I first heard of PhotoShelter through a tweet by prolific photographer and blogger Scott Bourne (check out Scott’s!).  It was a link to their blog and a free PDF book they produced that gave photographers a guide to socialRead More

Refer a Friend!

My clients are incredible, without you there would be no Studio386 Photographers! As a way of showing my appreciation for all of you wonderful people I am sending you a little treat!  For every new client you send my way you can choose from: A free print from our lastRead More

Nine One Half

Nine One Half at Inprnt!

Thanks to my good friends at Inprnt an edition of my new print, “Nine One Half” is available!  I love the prints from Inprnt, who only use archival giclée paper and have exceedingly stringent quality standards.  Available in two sizes, 13×19 for $24.99, and 18×24 for $40.00.  If you purchaseRead More

Analog Interstate

During the drive back to Los Angeles from Joe and Danvi’s wedding I did an impromptu project: Analog Interstate.  Having just procured the oft-reviewed, lampooned, and very kitschy iPhone app Hipstamatic (iTunes link), this was an experiential project exploring the people and places of Interstate 5 as seen through a vintage eye.

Danvi and Joseph

I have know Joe since I was a little tyke. Growing up in the same, tiny little town affords the opportunity to get to know everyone in your age group. We went through middle and high school together until Joe went to Berkeley and I went to film school. ARead More

Breaking Up With Mac

Breaking Up With Mac

With Lightroom: Adobe created a tool that I could use regardless of my platform: opening up the creative realm to more than the silver towers that dominate the artistic domain. PC’s were now a viable platform that professional photographers could really embrace, at a fraction of the cost.

LA Architecture

Two weeks ago I received a call from a Vice President at CalArts asking me to photograph the condominium she and her husband are selling.  Coming from the highest echelon of a nationally recognized art school her inquiry got my blood pumping! I went down to her condo, nested inRead More

Canyon Country Timelapse

Timelapses aren’t as easy as they look. After a number of attempts I’m still working on nailing it down. Here’s my latest attempt! Canyon Country Timelapse from Chris Cuttriss on Vimeo.

CalArts Grad 2010

2010 CalArts Graduation

I’ve been working at CalArts for just over a year and a half and until yesterday had never been to a graduation.  Even if you have no connection to the school I would wholeheartedly recommend coming by next year for the festivities.  It is a wild experience! When the festivitiesRead More

Berlin Wall Print

I have just released The Berlin Wall as a print on the online store.  Created in 2007, this image has been adopted by the Reagan Presidential Library.  Give it a gander!

CalArts Portfolio Review

At the end of every year CalArts has a series of portfolio reviews for each school.  My favorite of the past two years has been the Theatre school’s showcase and this year was no different.  Here are some samples of this year’s fantastic work! Some showings from the Art department:

Gear I Trust

Whenever I talk to friends, family, or even people I meet on the street the inevitable question arises: What camera/lens/flash/computer/software should I buy?  The best answer that I have been able to come up with is itself a question, “What are you shooting?”  I wish there was a magic answerRead More

1D Mark IV Battery Vastly Underrated?

The new Canon 1D Mark IV is the latest in the long line of drool-worthy Canon SLR’s that reaches back to when the EOS-1 series film camera was released in 1989 (admittedly Nikon’s F-series has been around since 1959 but for my purposes it’s a moot point).  Historically the batteriesRead More

Sleep Piece #3 at CalArts

Just returned from a long night at CalArts!  Over these last two semesters James Klopfleish, bassist and composer, organizes and executes Sleep Pieces.  These are all night concerts with a series of musicians running from 10PM through Sunrise.  I had never been to one until today and if there’s oneRead More

Sunset over Santa Clarita

Shot this 38 second timelapse over 843 frames spaced five seconds apart. A little post processing in Lightroom and we’ve come out with something rather pleasant!

05.09.10 - Cormac and Rachel

Cormac and Rachel

I’ve shot a few engagement sessions and a few engaged couples, but I have never shot an engagement — until now. My friend Cormac called me the other day and popped the question: “Will you photograph me popping the question?”  Beyond a stammered “yes, yes!” I managed to contain myRead More

Thievery Corporation

The 2009 Coachella Valley Music Festival held a massive array of musicians playing across five stages over seventy two hours.  One of the best shows of the night was Thievery Corporation.

12.25.09 - I5 at F22

I5 at F22

I had one of the best Christmas’s I could think of last year.  I woke up at 4AM, threw my bag into the trunk of my car and started my journey.  I was driving north, up through the heart of California, to my sister’s house an hour north of Sacramento.Read More

Oct 10 2009 - Justin and Emily

Justin and Emily

Every wedding is an incredible event, but every so often there’s one that you’re overly excited for.  My cousin Justin and his fiance Emily asked me to photograph their wedding in October and I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  The ceremony took place at Justin’s parents’ estate in Rancho Cucamonga,Read More

Jorge and Pam

I have a lot to thank my buddy Jorge for.  I first met him as The Section Quartet‘s new manager, on the way to my first Coachella (to which he arranged my credentials), way back in 2006.  Although I called him George for the first half of the weekend heRead More

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